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Yan Yi, 31

Jennifer, 62

Rory, 33

"Dr John is very attentive and careful in his treatment. It helps to know that he is a spine expert. I wouldn't dare to let an inexperienced personnel handle my neck which leads to my spine. Now I am living with no pain!"

"Everyone is really warm and personable at BCC. I especially love Dr Kremer for his attention to detail and how he listens and addresses my concerns. I see significant improvement in my pain issues after each session. A big thank you to Dr Kremer and team for all your efforts!"

"Dr Kremer has been very conscientious and meticulous doctor in ascertaining my condition. He has been very informative and efficient during each session. It also helps that he is very entertaining."

Jeanine, 38

"Dr John is very methodical & thorough. He adapts treatment accordingly, is patient and really takes care to improve my health rather than to just go through the motions of making adjustments."